Data Privacy Software

IT & Information-Security Governance

The world today is threatened by the perils of data thefts, corruption, and distortions. In order to optimize the protection of data, PMG has come up with a holistic solution called 1ST Privacy, a Data Privacy Manager Software, built by data privacy experts, 1ST Privacy is a SaaS solutions on the Oracle marketplace and is compliant with ISO standards.

1ST Privacy provides you with a range of powerful tools to maintain compliance with requirements of data privacy regulations such: GDPR / CCPA / GLBA / PIPEDA and others and Standards such as ISO 27701:2019 (Privacy Information Management Systems).

1ST Privacy Modules

CCPA: California Consumer Privacy Act:

This module helps you to apply data privacy controls as per CCPA and be compliant with California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018.

GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation:

This module helps you to apply data privacy controls as required by GDPR and be compliant with General Data Protection Regulation of EU.

PIMS: Privacy Information Management System:

This module helps you to apply the data privacy controls for Controllers and Processors as is required by ISO 27701:2019 and be compliant with Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) ISO 27701:2019

DPIA: Data Protection Impact Assessment:

Data Privacy Impact Assessment allows you to create Data Dictionary, Data Model and Process Model.

Asset Management:

This module helps manage the lifecycle of Information Assets and Information Container. The module helps to maintain inventory and history of information Assets.

Risk Management:

This module helps you in identification, assessment and mitigation of risk by applying appropriate control. It complies with the requirements of: ISO 27001, ISO 31000, ISO 27005 and NIST Frameworks.

Document Management:

This module is the repository of all policies and procedure documents as is required to be compliant with various regulations. It maintains the lifecycle of a document via workflow.

Breach Management:

Information Security Incident Management is handled by this module. It also facilitates documentation of ‘breach information’ and can be configured for automated notification.

DSAR: Data Subject Access Request (DSAR):

This module allows you to record the DSARs and follow up on them. DSAR plugins for reputable 3rd-party websites can be tailor-made.


Consent module helps you record ‘Consents’ requested from Data Subject and follow up on them. Consent module plugins can be tailor-made for reputable 3rd-party websites.


Data Processing Register module helps you to record the instances when the data of a ‘Data Subject’ is processed which is a requirement of GDPR.


PII Data collected from third party or delivered to third party is recorded in this module. This is a requirement of CCPA.