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PM Game is an educational game that takes you through all the phases of the project.
This can be used by the aspiring Project Managers to learn about the subject and by the Recruiters to screen the potential candidate for learning project.
It assesses the candidate in three skills: PMBOK knowledge, Behavioral skill and Scheduling skill.


This account is meant for Beginner Project Managers. After registration and purchase, you will get a license of PMGAME Rookie with this account. It is advisable to review the resources available on the Players page before playing the game. Once the player successfully completes the game he/she will be promoted to next level (coming soon). Players’ score will be stored in the system and is accessible to Players only and the authorized Recruiters who are looking for that level of PM.


Corporations that are interested in buying multiple licenses for their workforce can click on the “Corporate” button and register. You can buy 20 seats initially by paying $1000 and then you can buy additional licenses at a discounted price. Once you have the license you can assign/reassign the licenses to specific individuals through the portal. Corporations will have an option to not to make the profile of their individuals public to Recruiters.
20 License Pack.


This is the Mentors Account. Mentors will be selected from the experienced project managers. If you think you have a solid experience in project management and you are willing to mentor junior PMs you can sign up for Mentor by pressing the “Apply” button and enter your brief details with your rate. Players (Junior PMs) can review your profile and can request for your guidance. Once you accept on your portal you can provide your service. PM Game will retain 10% of your fee.


Now enjoy the trial version of PM Game before buying!


Click here to start trial

Customers in India please contact VJ Bhaskar at bhaskar@pmgame.net for pricing details
Customers in all other locations please contact Neelov Kar at neelov@pmgame.net for pricing details

hi i want play
Thu, 05 11 15 , Rawan
no permission to play trial version games
Wed, 07 10 15 , Aryoputro
I can't get permission to play the free version
Thu, 13 08 15 , NADXIIELI
Does't anything work on this site?
Tue, 16 06 15 , Joe
No permission for game
Tue, 05 05 15 , Gordon
demo says'you have no permission to play this game
Fri, 20 03 15 , lawrence
I can't get permission to play the free version..
Mon, 23 02 15 , Michiel
@Wesley, now everyone can play the game.
Sat, 07 02 15 , Some
Free Version "You have no permission..."
Tue, 07 10 14 , Wesley
You can buy the game for $50
Thu, 07 11 13 , Neelov
@Graham, you can watch the trailer.
Thu, 07 11 13 , Neelov
No Free game to test??
Fri, 01 11 13 , Graham
it's looks nice.
Sun, 27 10 13 , Test User 11
I am lost in day 3.
Sun, 08 09 13 , Abhijit
I am not a registered user again.
Sat, 07 09 13 ,
I am not a registered user.
Fri, 30 08 13 ,
It is wonderful
Sat, 24 08 13 ,
Hi.. we are testing PM Game now.
Sat, 24 08 13 ,
PM Game Beta testing is going great!
Sat, 24 08 13 ,
PM Game Beta testing is going great!
Sat, 24 08 13 ,
PM Game Beta testing is going great!
Sat, 24 08 13 ,
hi.. This is working fine.
Mon, 19 08 13 ,
hi.. This is working fine.
Mon, 19 08 13 , Prasenjit